Hides an element from the page if the current user doesn’t have the required permissions on it.

<solid-ac-checker permission="acl:Write" bind-resources>
  <solid-route name="member-edit">


This component uses the following mixins:

Please check their documentation to know more about their capabilities.

Personnal attributes


Displays the element if the user has the specified right


Displays the element if the user has not the specified right

Possible values:

Mixin attributes

From store-mixin


The uri of the LDP resource you want to fetch and use in the component.

Each time this attribute is changed, the data is fetched again.

When the data has been successfuly fetched, the mixin ask the component to render.


The name of the field of the requested resource to display. Useful when the source url is auto-generated (for instance, with the attribute bind-resources) but you need to display another field of this source.

The example below illustrates how to use nested-field attribute :

  • The profile is a resource nested in the current resource, it will automatically fetch the city, phone, website values to display them.

  • The second solid-display shows another way to display the values from a nested resource with dot ..

    fields="city, phone, website"

nested-field attribute use


The id of the <script> tag which contains the context you want to add for this component. An extra context looks like this:

<script id="custom-context" type="application/ld+json">
    { "user": "" }

If your <script> tag has the attribute data-default-context, this extra context will be applied on all the components which doesn’t have an extra-context attribute.


Id of the loader element you want to display during the loading time.

Exemple of use :

    <div id="form-loader"  >
        fields= "first_name, last_name, email"
        label-first_name = "First name"
        label-last_name = "Last name"
        label-email = "Email"
        loader-id = "form-loader">
Exemple of loader


Available from version 0.13

While this attribute is present on a component, no data will be fetched. This attribute is automatically removed by the router when the component is in a view which has been activated. This allow to lazy-load components.

store:// attribute values

Available from version 0.13

This mixin decode all attribute values starting by store://resource or store://user and replace them by the values fetched from the store.

It can be a value fetched from the current resource or the current logged in user (works with sib-auth).