Server Architecture

DjangoLDP server

Before deploying any SIB applications you will need SIB servers able to provide all capabilities your application relies on.

Our SiB server is called DjangoLDP which is based on Django framework and adapted to be compatible with Linked Datas convention but you can use any servers exposing data as LDP containers.

DjangoLDP come with packages developed and maintained by the Startin’Blox team. You can pick up the ones you like or write your own.


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LDP packages

Once you have your server DjangoLDP installed, you can plug to it DLP packages which are extention to treat a specific shape of data.

Each component has its own datas shapes. The server that will manage datas of a specific component has to get the specfic package related.

You’ll find the right package in the documentation of each component.


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