• Why didn’t you make a Lib React-Solid, use React Admin or React-Solid-SKD from Inrupt?

React is a component that works only with React. We make components that can be displayed in any web page in an autonomous way : that’s the beauty of web components. React’s store can’t fetch resources from several servers. we would be forced to rewrite it.

  • How to contribute?

Have a look on our contribution guidelines.

If you want to add/change something on this documentation, here are the instructions.

  • Where I can ask for help?

Come on our chat, we’ll do our best to help you!

  • What is Solid?

We’re working to make some popularizations for differents audiences. In the meanwhile, have a look on the official presentation.

  • This is open source?

The whole project is under MIT licence.

  • Why the documentation is not in markdown?

This documentation in is Restructured Text. Have a look to this article if you want to understand our choice.

  • You cannot find the question you have?

`Send your question`__ to the maintainer of the doc or open an issue on the doc.