How to use the documentation

In the following sections, the framework’s components are detailed.

Base components belong to the core of the framework.

For each component, you will find:
  • a minimal example of usage (and related examples),

  • a list of mixins used by the component,

  • a list of attributes,

  • a list of events.

External components don’t belong to the core of the framework but are often used in applications.


Each component have its own features, and is composed of mixins which provides new ones. Therefore, attributes and events of a component are the combination of attributes and events of all its mixins.

In the mixin section, each one has:
  • a description of its function,

  • a list of components using it,

  • a list of attributes,

  • a list of events.

The widget section presents the API to create widgets and gives examples about how to create and use them.

The last section concerns Javascript API you can use with sib-core.