Frequent Errors

JSON problem

SyntaxError: JSON.parse: unexpected character at line 1 column 1 of the JSON data

Resolution: You can check your import in your component.

For example :

import { store } from '';

will make the error.

To solve it, you should remplace by :

import { store } from '';

Multiple version loaded

Sometime you can see in your console different versions of the core loaded. This can cause you many trouble.

This is because the core is imported into each component and each of them could have been written in a different version as your main application loads yet another one.


Check the compatibility of the component you want to use with the version of the core you are working with. You should find this information in the documentation of the component. If it’s not, you should mail the maintainer.

Special note to maintainer: If you’re coding a component, do not forget :

  • to tell in its documentation with which version of the core it could be compatible

  • to let your email in the doc

  • to update your component when a new version is released


This error should be prevent in other place ? You want to signal another goddam error ? Please, help us to improve this documentation :)