The grouper mixin is a post-processor mixin, compatible with list-mixin. It provides the ability to group resources, depending of the values of one of their properties.

Used by:



The resources will be grouped by the field you give as a parameter.

In this example, the mixin will render one <div> for each different date, and put the corresponding resources inside.

    fields="name, date"

When used with the pagination, each group is paginated.

You can also use the dot syntax to group by a nested resource. For example, set the group-by attribute to


Available from version 0.13 default: solid-group-default

The name of the widget to use as a group widget. It takes the name of the group as a value and put content in a div[data-content]. Here is an example of a custom group widget:

<solid-widget name="custom-group">
        <section data-content></section>


The name of the class to add on each group widget.