Receives the URL of a resource or of a container of resources via its data-src attribute, and displays it.

Each field of the displayed resources can be rendered by a specific widget, either custom or chosen from the default ones. Filters and searching capabilities can be easily added to interact with the list of data being displayed.

   fields="first_name, last_name"

To make the styling easier, if the solid-display shows a resource, a solid-resource attribute is automatically added to the element. If it’s a container, a solid-container attribute is added. Then, you can target your elements with the CSS rules solid-display[solid-resource] or solid-display[solid-container].


This component uses the following mixins:

Please check their documentation to know more about their capabilities.



By default, all displayed fields are direct children of <solid-display>. Make sure you don’t give your set the same name as a field as it would result in an infinite loop.


Add attribute [field] to all children.


By default, the widget used is <solid-display-div>. Cf the Widget page for more info.



Triggered when an resource is clicked.