Receives the URL of a resource or of a container of resources via its data-src attribute, and displays it on a map. Here is the list of fields needed to display the resources properly:

  • latitude on which the resource will be displayed

  • longitude on which the resource will be displayed

lat and lng properties are added to the default context to map respectively and

How to use

The solid-map module needs to be imported independantly from the core, like following:

<script type="module" src=""></script>


This component uses the following mixins:

Please check their documentation to know more about their capabilities.


Like for solid-display, fields can be displayed and filters or searching capabilities can be added to interact with the list of data being displayed.


List of the fields to display in a popup which opens when a marker is clicked. If the attribute is not defined, no popup will show up.


Available from version 0.16

If this attribute is defined, markers spacially close are grouped in clusters.



Triggered when a marker is clicked on the map