What is Startin’blox?


Startin’blox is a set of tools based on Web Components and Linked Data conventions to create applications compatibles with the SOLID specifications. Those tools are developed by the cooperative of the same name.

We are all, as users, captive to the digital platforms we use, attached to them by the network effect over which they have a monopoly. Thanks to W3C and the work of Tim Berners-Lee, an alternative is possible. The new web standards allow the network effect to be shared between the different digital tools and give us back total control over our personal data.

Startin’blox has set itself the mission of precipitating the advent of this new type of digital platform.

We’ve built a solution to make the creation of federated and interoperable applications as accessible as possible.

Federation concept

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Global overview

Startin’blox is composed of:

A front framework

It can be imported by a simple script in a html file and provides you basics functionalities like making a form, displaying data, a map, a calendar etc..

In the Startin’blox philosophy, the logic of the data processing is done on the front side.

Extended features components

Components are web components that correspond to functionalities that you can easily add to existing applications. Startin’blox creates components according to its uses but in the future we encourage the development of community components.

For example, Sib-Directory provides you with a user directory that includes user skills.

Component example

Each component treats a specific shape of data. The validation of this shape is made on the server side.

A server solution

We offer a server solution based on the Django framework and adapted to be compatible with the Linked datas platform conventions, named DjangoLDP.

It is a simple architecture on which we can add LDP packages, corresponding to the different components used. Those are the ones that will do the work of validating the application data.

Server overview


The federation is done on client side.

The solution can be summarized as follows:

SiB overview

Overview of the Framework


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Here is a brief presentation:

Framework Overview

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