Why use Startin’blox ?

Fast and Easy

Startin’blox technology is aimed at enabling anyone with little development skills to create their own web application easily and quicky respecting both the web components standards and the Linked Data Platform convention.

Effortlessly, you can compose your app with ready-made HTML components, each of which provides an entire feature.

Add HTML tags with the right attributes and watch your application build itself.


Today’s applications have their own database. A back depends on a front and screw and vice versa. In a decentralized web, there are data sources and client applications that use these datas.

This is made possible by the fact that the data is interoperable because it is written in RDF, the basic language of the semantic web.

Starin’blox is a front-end framework composed of web components that can receive federated data sources in RDF. This means that you can only use a component using data sources already available on the web.


Startin’Blox is designed to interconnect applications and their users. Our components can plug into an unlimited number of data sources, so your application connects you to the ecosystem of your choice.

Our work is based on an international project: The Solid Project.

Natively modular

Startin’blox was designed to be modular. It uses the latest standards of linked data and web components. Most modern browsers support them without even a polyfill. You can integrate only one component to an existing application or build an entire application in SiB.